Plane’s Design

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The plane was designed to look like the original one that was launched in the first world war. It is hard to do that though as technology was not exactly up to par during that time. It took them a long time to make the plane and made sure it would be safe for pilots who are not that seasoned. The Cherry Pimps site definitely not for kids who would want to see the city from a high view. It is for seasoned veterans looking to get something unusual instead of just the daily routine in their lives. It is no joke to ride a plane as it is probably more dangerous to ride a boat so you must know how to put on a parachute in case of emergency. When you are up there, you are not 100% sure you are going to be safe just like you must be wearing a life vest when you are riding a boat.


The only thing you must be sure is you must be alive after the ride even if you look silly wearing that parachute or life vest. The important thing is you are safe and sound since it won’t last that long anyway. Riding the Red Barron flight will probably take only an hour but the memory like a fresh Mofos discount, will last a lifetime. You are going to remember that for the rest of your life and will even want to do it again. It is not something to do all the time though since it is not an extreme sport but an activity for the ages. Be sure to bring your camera in order to capture the memories there.

Experience the Red Barron Adventure Flight

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Unfortunately, this ride is not one of them as it is meant for you to recall that day when the Red Barron flew in the sky during World War 1. It was driven by some guy named Manfred. A lot of people were killed during World War 1 and some of them are even innocent as the war went somewhere where civilians suffered the wrath between the rage of two countries. They did not even know what was going on so it was unfair to them that they had to be on it too.


They made sure the Red Barron is safe to be driven this time and the fact that it is located in sunny Sydney is another advantage. It is located somewhere far from the city but you will fly above the city to be able to get a good view of it. You won’t see people waving at you though as that could be an impossible feat to accomplish. It could also be a distraction as you could regret doing that because you are doing something that is life threatening. It is a good a lot of people are not riding with you. There is a reason pilot’s flight classes cost a lot of money and it is because without a playboy tv discount they are going to have a huge responsibility on their hands. It means if they have a personal problem, they can’t take the risk of bringing it down along with the lives of innocent people.